Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Knife of Never Letting Go Review!

*cue trumpets* That's right! I finally finished The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness! The first book in the Chaos Walking series, and is I believe one of three books. What a read, ye gods this book was going to be the death of me! It took enough time to finish it let's not dawdle on the review.

Todd lives in a town where woman don't exist anymore and he's the last boy in town. This means a lot of things for Todd, for the town. A boy growing up in a town of men in a world where thoughts ring out as clear as day. A town with a shady past cut off from the rest of the world and a boy who seems outside their normal. And then Todd finds the silence, slicing through the noise of men's thoughts like a razor and he's running, running, running.

I've never wanted to hate a book and love a book so much at once. Hence why it took so long to read. The first day I sat down with this book I wanted to burn it. This is one speshul, annoying,  frushtrating book. And yes, I know how I wrote it and I ain't fixing it! I cringe at it and have grown used to it. If you want to read this book it's words like that that you'll have to get used to. I highly, HIGHLY suggest you read the first couple of chapters in one sitting and then put it down. Rant to high heaven about it's spelling and it's weird fonts and everything that makes you think this is the first book you'll put down this year and scream at it and say 'I'm never picking this stupid book up again!'.

Then do one more thing- a favour to yourself really. Pick. Up. The. Book.

Say what?

PICK UP THE BOOK! *embodies the mom from the new karate kid movie. You know what I'm talking about. (and if for some reason you don't: watch this.)*

Then when you reach the end you can thank me. I swore I was going to hate this book and burn it, but I would read it because it's on my 2015 pop sugar list and I refuse to not read it if it's on my list. Then I read it and things changed. Manchee goes from unbearably annoying to a lovable, enjoyable character. Todd goes from not very enjoyable to that character you're rooting for through everything. And that ending, that ending Patrick Ness! OH THE FEELS! I need the next book, and if I didn't just buy eight more on top of the six I still have to read on my shelves I would finish work and go to the bookstore no stops in between.

STOP. Let's slow down and break it down.

1. That grammar and those words are painful, and at the start you think everyone's going to be talkin' speshul like and then you're so relieved when they don't! And there's weird font changes and random words... let me show you:

*These images are strictly for the intent of showing the uniqueness of the book, they are not intended to violate any copyrights. The writing and all it's glory belong to Patrick Ness and Candlewick Press. 

2. That ^ occurs a number of times. First thought when I saw it: what a waste of paper... You can read some of it, but it doesn't tell you anything important and it doesn't even make sense if you try to string it together, believe me I tried.

3. You quickly find out that all the quirky writing and fonts are to set the mood of the book. Different characters have different ways of talking and spelling and fonts. The pages of words tell you just how busy the world is, what it's like when you can hear everyone's thoughts.

Bottom line:

Let go of everything your brain is telling you is wrong and just read it, you will enjoy it.

If you have the same copy as above, when you get to the end and have read the short story and you see a 'read the next instalment in the Chaos Walking series... blah blah blah' and there's a picture and some blurbs beside it DON'T READ THEM because the third book description has a spoiler in it and now I'm mad.


That's it for this series right now, at least until I get a few of my books out of my TBR pile. Be on the lookout for my next review for Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I'm excited for this one, I've heard good things. So until then, my friends.

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