Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Finding Cinderella Review!

Again, in the name of researching my genre for the upcoming Camp Nanowrimo (see previous posts for an explanation of that), and in the name of free. I picked up the e-book version of this Colleen Hoover novella free in the Google Play store. Pretty much making the grand total of romance books I've ever read all of about three. I had heard good things about Colleen Hoover from Xtinemay on youtube (here) so I was interested in seeing what she had to offer.

A dark, passionate encounter with a girl Daniel dubs Cinderella, not knowing what her name is, leaves him searching for love in all the wrong places. Time passes and another girl walks into Daniel's life but he can't stop thinking about the girl named six.

This was a cute little romance novella that was short and sweet and well, everything I expected the romance genre to be. Though I don't have much to say about it because of this, I will say that this didn't go where I expected it to. There wasn't too much character development, it might have been nice to learn a little bit more about the characters other than their short history together. Overall I think I would have liked this to be longer as I feel there wasn't too much to review on, I feel like it was a cutesy moment in a snapshot and then it was over. That being said, there was a fair few moments where I found myself laughing and enjoying myself as the pages went by. Maybe someday I'll try reading Colleen Hoover again, but for now I think I'll be trying something a little different.

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