Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Trouble With Goodbye Review!

So, I didn't really intend to read this book but for Nanowrimo I'm going to try and write in a genre I don't normally write in, and the best way to familiarize myself with it is to read it. Romance novels, contemporary novels in general are somewhat new to me, something I always shied away from in favour of sci-fi, fantasy really anything other than the 'real world'. I blame John Green for this new found love, but then I suppose I don't blame him I should thank him.

I picked this book out for a few reasons but honestly wasn't expecting much. I just finished a heavier book (The Silence of the Lambs, see my review here) and I needed something light, but I wasn't finding it on my shelf. So I searched through some e-books. I found this one for FREE in the Google Play store if anyone wants to give it a try.


Since I had never heard of this book before today, I feel safe in assuming I'm probably not the only one, so here's the quick version:
After a life changing college event Leigh Ann Davis finds herself coming back to the town she thought she had left behind. Two years after leaving, she feels like a completely different person than the ambitious girl who left for school only the short time before. Leigh Ann struggles to come to terms with the events that caused her to leave Boston and the expectation of the family and friends she's returning to. When she meets and begins to fall for Knox Warner there's more than just expectations on the line, when she's faced with the biggest decision of her life.

I hadn't expected much out of this and was pleasantly surprised when I found myself wanting to get back to it whenever I stopped reading. I do plan to read the sequel, as this is the first in the Fairhope series. I believe the series currently consists of four novels which follow the happenings of various characters in the town of Fairhope. 

I liked that this wasn't the pure fluff I thought it was going to be, there was some substance to it, granted it wasn't nearly as packed as my usual reads. This novel was a quick read, squeezed it in during work. That being said, 3.5 certainly isn't a 5 of 5.

This story lost points from me as it seemed quick, there were places where things could have been explained more and places where I wished characters like the mother would just shut up. The mother and father grind on my nerves and I know they're put there for the sake of connection. Everyone at some point gets to the age where they struggle with their parents about making their own decisions about their life. I just wished Cannon has toned it down a bit, by the end I felt like her decisions were being shoved down my throat.

The other thing that made it lose points for me was the event in Boston. I know that part of the whole deal in this book was the hard time she was having with the events that happened, but I didn't really like the way the author avoided it for so long. I read it and almost instantly knew what had happened but rather than saying it and making the opening up about it and the reader knowing what happened two different things they were grouped together in a way that seemed almost anti-climatic to me.

But the writing wasn't bad and I found myself really liking the main characters and feeling their struggles. I liked the lightness of their interactions and the seriousness they have at points, it's simple and believable and I enjoyed it.

I haven't read much romance before so I have nothing to really judge this against but I am interested in seeing where this series goes, it won't be the first sequel I jump on to read but you can expect to see a review for the sequel at some point.

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