Thursday, 2 April 2015

Camp Nanowrimo: Day 02

I'm taking a break here part way through day two of this crazy month of writing. I'm not sure if I'll write more today, but I've found that I accomplished all of the things I set out to do in day two of Nanowrimo so I figured I might as well post.

Day Two Goals:

Goals for Day Two:
  • Get to 1666 before the morning is over
  • Get to 3333 by the afternoon
  • Introduce at least one new character to the story
  • Get a more solid idea of what is going to happen

Today I felt a lot more focused, the coffee that I never drink probably helped for the most part, not to mention the delicious lunch I ate. I may need to set the bar higher for tomorrow's goals though.

My first goal was to reach 1666 words by the end of the morning, because if you read my day one post, you would know that hey, I didn't complete my word count for yesterday (BOO!). Thankfully, it was a slow day today and I had plenty of down time at work to get some writing in. I had reached the goal of 1666 words before 9am. I was on a roll!

My second goal was to reach 3333 words, the day two goal for the month and I annihilated it with a smashing 6154 words, nearly doubling my word goal for the day. WOOHOO!!!

I also successfully introduced a new character to my story, his name is Draper Ryan, not that anyone really cares because you don't actually know what my story is about... but the introduction of this character added some clarity to my otherwise loosely planned story. I finally have a pretty good idea of what's going to happen which makes pantsing the actual details a little bit easier. 

I did say I was on a roll right? At 6:30pm, I have plenty of time to continue writing, but I think I might leave it for today and hopefully start tomorrow on a good note like today was. If I can keep this up I'll be stoked. But the wrimo in me laughs and says I'll hit a wall around 20,000 -30,000 again. This is why I get ahead when I can!

Goals for Day Three:
  • Get to 6666 words before the morning is through
  • Finish the day with more than 8500 words
  • Address the brewing conflict head on
  • Introduce another character
  • Add a party... cause everyone likes parties.

Mood after day two of Nanowrimo:

If this is how every day is for the rest of the month, I can deal with it.

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