Monday, 6 April 2015

Everblue Review!

I recently picked this one up for free from the Google Play store, I believe it still is if you're interested. I downloaded this simply because I'm dedicating this year to absorbing all different genres and styles and authors and trying new books. When I saw mermaids I realized that I hadn't read anything ever, that had mermaids. My mermaid knowledge began and ended with The Little Mermaid. So obviously I had to give it a try.

Ash finds herself feeling lost as her best friend and her twin brother disappear for a 'family emergency'. Months pass without a word and Ash begins to wonder if there's more than just a 'family emergency' they're not telling her about. Feeling lost without them she's willing to go to drastic measures to get them back, but at what cost?

This was a read that really interested me, and I'll admit, it was mostly because of the mermaid aspect. I did enjoy the story, it was fun, it was cute, and at the right times you were wondering what was going to happen next. However, though it doesn't have as much to do with the author as the publisher this seemed a little bit younger than the 'Young Adult' label it has on both Goodreads and the Google Play store. The immediate comparison I make with the style of Pandos' writing is with the Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan which has both labels of Young Adult and Middle Grade. 

However, this is a book of it's own and should be treated as such. So putting that all aside I have to say I was pleased with this. I went in without expectations and came out wanting to read the next one. I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the Mer world of Natatoria and didn't find myself even once comparing it to Little Mermaid (no jokes, that's the kind of thing I picture when I think mermaids).

As far as characters go, at times I was rather annoyed by Ashlyn, the main character who seemed to fall for every guy that showed interest in her. Though she tames out a bit by the end of the novel, I have to say I was rather irked by that at the beginning. Though it's because of this I questioned some things that were going happen, and whether my predictions I made at the start were going to be true or not. It did cross my mind that it might have been an intentional move by the author to stir things up a bit. I do hope we see a little more character development in the next installment as there seemed to be a lot of surface stuff going on and not a lot of depth.

You know when mermaids are involved that the book is going to be different from your average 'Young Adult' (though I still argue it's a little closer to Middle Grade...) book. The book itself is no exception, I have a feeling that the next one is only going to get better. Unusual, as I must admit sequels are generally what slaughters a good book. This one ends off in quite a hanger, a lot of questions left open. I feel like the next one is going to pick up the pace a bit, making things a lot more interesting.

Overall I would say that this book is a great quick, light read. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for something that isn't going to take too much out of them to read. I would not recommend this book if you are looking for some substance, this cutesy romance with mermaids probably isn't going to work for you. 

I have already purchased the next in this series 'Evergreen' and it will likely be my next read.

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