Friday, 3 April 2015

Camp Nanowrimo: Day 03

It's day 3 of Camp Nanowrimo.
Yeah, that's what I feel like my brain is saying today. I was so focused yesterday it was ridiculous and the roll I was on seems to have died in a brutal murder. Burn, burn, burn. Now the ideas are just like 'meh, no $@#%! to give, #sorrynotsorry'. Maybe it was the coffee yesterday and my groggy brain isn't having any of this thing called 'focus' without it today. As I start this post I wonder if I should just give in and go across the Timmies and get some caffeine into this bloodstream.

15 minutes later...

I understand now. Focus comes with coffee... I have never experienced this before. WHAT IS LIFE?! maybe I should start drinking this magic elixir more often... or, you know go to sleep at a regular time.

moving on...

Day Three Goals

  • Get to 6666 words before the morning is through
  • Finish the day with more than 8500 words
  • Address the brewing conflict head on
  • Introduce another character
  • Add a party... cause everyone likes parties.

With my focus setting in, I think I'm back on track to complete the goals I set for today, some of them I already have so here's how my third day is going:

I successfully completed my goal of 6666 words by the end of the morning completing the goal around quarter to nine. Which puts me more than a day ahead of schedule! This makes me very happy.

My second goal is in the works, with lunchtime a mere minutes away I'm 791 words from my goal of 8500 or more, this should be easy, but if I haven't posted this by the time I reach that point I'll write in an update.

UPDATE: I broke 8500 by one o'clock. I wonder if I can push to the 10,000 mark today? Is that too big of an ambition? My focus is back and in full swing. More than two days ahead of schedule now!

The third goal was to address the brewing conflict in my story, my main character is currently being made aware that something is up as I type here instead of there... Sorry Lacey McLean, I needed a break from your story! In doing this I inevitably brought in another character, a few more to go an I'll have all of my players in the field. My main character's best friend has finally made an appearance. The lies are flowing and the craziness should soon ensue, the ideas are really rolling now.

The party that was my last goal is in the works with invites out and supplies being collected. Hopefully by the end of the day I'll have reached at least the beginning of the bonfire party. It's going to be a big scene so I probably won't be able to finish it today, but such is life, there's always tomorrow.

UPDATE: I have successfully reached the bonfire scene. I feel the urge to jump into it but with the thought that I might not be able to finish it today I'm a little weary of doing so. 

Slowly but surely I'm noticing my story starting to gain some more bones. These characters are revealing a little bit more of their history with every passing chapter and as I only have vague ideas of where I wanted it to go I'm very happy with this.

Day four goals:
  • break the day seven word goal of 11,666 (holy crap, that's more than 10,000 already!)
  • semi-resolve the conflict between the two currently main male characters
  • begin inner conflict with main character
  • reach the start of the scene where the last 'big player' is introduced
I have set the bar lower for tomorrow as it's my day off and I know I'm probably not going to write much until the next day. I'm going to try and squeeze all of these goals in but it might not happen.

This day is nowhere near done, and I have extra writing time today, so here's to ending day three feeling like a champ and wishing it would last forever!

 I hope if you're participating you're doing good, you can do it!

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