Sunday, 5 April 2015

Camp Nanowrimo: Day 05

Well, I got lunch, that's all I can say so far. So if you happened upon my last post, you'll know that I've completed one goal so far. Thank god because I was getting really hungry.

Just some random reflection on Camp Nanowrimo so far:
I'm beginning to wonder if my narration is a little odd for my story. I'm writing it how it comes to me, which means that I'm writing in third person, but when it suits me I'm focusing on different characters but collectively if that makes any sense. So I'll be talking about Lacey and her reactions and her feelings and then when I feel I've wrote out what she had going on I switch to another character in the scene. Could be a paragraph, could be three and then I'm on to another, circling through my characters in no particular order. Is that weird?
Yes Damon, exactly I don't really know what to make of that either! What the hell is this Nanowrimo and what is it doing with my characters?! I also am finding that it seems to be almost easier to put the words down for this story than almost any other. I'm not sure if that means I'm babbling or that it's a story that needs to be told. I suppose I'll know in the end.

Enough blabbering, moving on to today's writing experience!

If you remember, my first goal was to reach the day seven goal word goal of 11,666 words or I wasn't going to let myself eat lunch. This was because I did almost no work yesterday and I felt very disappointed in myself. I am determined to stay ahead of the game this time around! No more cutting it close for this kid!

Second goal was to semi-resolve the conflict happening between two particular characters in my story. They fought it out- literally- and both of them have made their own very legitimate conclusions, which I hope to throw under the bus and run it over with a completely new player in the game, but more on that later.

My main character who I mentioned in the beginning (Lacey) is about to face her own conflict thanks to the two mentioned in the paragraph above. Soon she'll be facing a lot of life changing situations that should carry through until nearly the end of the story. Her situation is really only just starting to come to light. Not only will my main character learn something about herself, but so will everyone else. Yeehaw! Things are about to get real fun!

The last person to be introduced to the story should arrive probably within the next 2-3 thousand words, I'm not quite sure yet, but I'm aiming for the start of that scene still. I have not reached it as of yet, but I will edit when I do get there.

UPDATE: I have wrote as much as I can take today, feeling barely sane after pushing out a couple thousand words.

Lastly, with just over one thousand words left to reach my final goal of at least 13,000 words I need to get writing!

UPDATE: I succeeded, just passing the 13,000 mark. I was done that by 3pm and I definitely needed a break for the rest of the day, so there will be a review up shortly!

Currently my day Five mood is:
Yeah, annoyed as &*%$.

I'm having the overwhelming urge to start reading again so I've been doing that in my breaks. Hopefully I'll have a review to post soon, as it seems like it's been forever, and I doubt anyone actually wants to hear about my Nanowrimo experience anyways.

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